The Dark Isle

Episode Three: Promises, Promises

Fanta remembers the location of an abandoned mining town approximately a day’s hike north that could be a potential hideout for the bandits. The party decides to check it out, but Dol’damnos chooses to stay behind in Deepholm to continue his study of the mysterious book that they recovered from the temple.

Night is beginning to fall by the time they arrive at the town, and Tana and Michael in particular are exhausted by the journey. Everyone is frozen stiff, and so it is a welcome surprise when they find not bandits, but Watchmen. The foreman’s hall has been taken over by these men and women of the Watch, and it appears they have been living here for some time. It’s warm. They have food, ale and livestock. They also have with them a mysterious companion, who Eric is able to notice is a female drow-elf.

The leader of this odd band is Tylo, the Watchman they had been sent to find. He encourages the party to eat and drink their fill, before taking Michael into his quarters for a private discussion. He reveals that he and his men have been posted to this place for the past five years, and that they have taken to subsidising their existences with a little moonlighting. As bandits. In fact, the party killed a number of his men just the previous day. Michael is not surprised. Tylo talks at length about the terrible nature of war and hints at things that he and his men had to do in the name of Eradyn, all without reward. Instead, they were sent here to guard ‘the clerics of a dead god’, a secret that he ‘accidentally’ lets slip.

He speaks of the drow EdinarĂ­ as a priestess who has promised him power in exchange for his service. As a demonstration of that power, he reaches into the fire and picks up a handful of coals, seemingly impervious to the heat. He tells Michael that he could have that power too, if he turns on his party and instead joins Tylo. Michael appears to agree.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party are being split up. Eric and Tana are taken to be shown around a library. Fanta and Moradin are taken to be shown around a brewery. In the end, they are all attacked by the wayward Watchmen. After a pitched battle, which almost spelled the end for our adventurers, Michael came through (or to put it another way, he walked out of the foreman’s hall, went into the library under the pretense of going to attack Eric, and spent the rest of the battle on his back pretending to be under the effects of a sleep spell). In the confusion, EdinarĂ­ slips away, but they are able to capture two of the Watchmen and magically preserve the body of Tylo to take him back to Anyr.

The party decides to camp for the night in the town, intent on setting off back to Deepholm in the morning.



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